Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kindle 2 International packager; now even easier...

Well, curiosity got the better of me (and gone is my night of sleep).

And here is version 0.5 of the Kindle packager; almost fully rewritten.

What's new:
*Can now create packages for the Kindle 2 International that will install properly, even without having installed the previous freekindle package.

For that use the -k2iex flag.
-k2i will still generate packages requiring the freekindle package to have been installed first.

I suspect that developers would use the -k2i for testing (with the freekindle package installed), and when they are 100% confident and ready for release, us the -k2iex.

*Do not leave junk behind (like .dat, .sig files etc)... We now only use temporary files that get automatically deleted...

All other packages (usbnetwork, screen saver hack, savory) got repackaged using -k2iex : so installation is now much easier.
And are available as always:


  1. Hi, I am new to Kindle. I live outside USA and I am using Kindle International. My aim is to change the screensaver. Having followed this on the internet last two weeks and tried the old hacks, I realise that the old ones won't work and that now you have made some new achievements in cracking it. I am so happy to know this. However, since I am so new in Kindle may I ask if I just want to hack the screen saver, shall I just use your latest file:

    screensaverhack-k2i-0.1.tar.gz 01-Nov-2009 20:10 6.6K

    and copy to Kindle just like the old hack's procedure?



  2. Yes, that's the one to use...
    Simply install it like you would install the previous ones..
    Mount the Kindle on your PC and copy the .bin file there.

    Then go to Settings -> Update ; wait a minute or so and it's all done.

    There is no need to jailbreak the kindle 2 international anymore ; the packages do that for you automatically.

  3. Hi Jean-Yves
    I am sorry, but I could not get it work:
    1. the file screensaverhack-k2i-0.1.tar.gz is not a .bin file. How can I make it into a .bin file?
    2. in any case, I just copied this .gz file to the root of Kindle (without knowing what else to do), but the "Update Your Kindle" is "grey colour" and I cannot do the update.
    What should I do? Sorry for my ignorance.

  4. Hi Jean-Yves
    I am sorry, but I did not know that .tar.gz is a compressed file.
    I know now and everything working fine!!!
    Thanks so much!!

  5. Hi, Jean-Yves
    I just got my new kindle international and tried to add unicode to it. Thanks so much for the information your blog provides. However, I couldn't get it when I unzipped all files of the packager-0.5 into the root folder (kindle:\) and updated the kindle.

    Could you kindly guide me how to add Unicode to kindle2 international step by step? I also read blogkindle very carefully, but didn't get the point.

    Million thanks!


  6. btw, it is very strange that my kindle folder in desktop (when i connect kindle to PC) doesn't have the folder "system". There are three folders 'document', 'audible' and another one.

  7. sorry, but i want to install savory on my k2i but i dont know how, please i need a step by step to do it.

    pd: excuse my english
    tnks from colombia

  8. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for everything you are doing for the Kindle. I've used the screensaver hacks and they work perfectly. I just upgraded my K2i to 2.3 and you already have the updated hack ready! Thanks man!

  9. Do you have an update for K2 U.S. and DX U.S. that works with the 2.3 update?


  10. I should have added that I was asking about the Savory update.

  11. I have a new Kindle 2 v:2.3. I have tried to change the screensaver by copying the bin file to the "system" folder on my Kindle2. The "Update Your Kindle" selection remains greyed out. I have tried both the update_screensaverhack-install-k2i.bin and the update_screensaverhack-install-k2.bin, with the same results. I have restarted the Kindle as well. Am I missing a step?

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