Thursday, November 26, 2009

Amazon's Kindle new Firmware 2.3

Amazon released firmware 2.3 a few days ago.

Before you can update to firmware 2.3 ; you *must* first uninstall all hacks previously installed ; in particular the screen saver hack and savory.

Other than the advertised new features such as PDF native reader ; what's more interesting (at least for me) is that the same kind of security that got added with Firmware 2.2 on the Kindle 2 International is now found on all Kindle model.

Each software installed on the Kindle, must be signed using Amazon's RSA key; which obviously we don't have.

Luckily, the same trick I did for the Kindle 2 International works fine with the 2.3 firmware...

You can find the new packager there:

I have changed the options format, so it's more in line with other unix command. Make sure to read the README.txt file included in the archive for the syntax.
In short, for firmware 2.3 ; you will want to use the --sign option (which will sign the packages using our own key) and the --ex (which will add auto-jailbreaking to the package)

For Kindle 2 US only users ; once you have updated your Kindle to firmware 2.3 ; the various hacks you enjoyed won't work anymore. You need to get new versions of those

The most popular hack is the screen saver one ; you can find an updated version that works with 2.3 (all kindle model) here:

USB network hack:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kindle 2 International packager; now even easier...

Well, curiosity got the better of me (and gone is my night of sleep).

And here is version 0.5 of the Kindle packager; almost fully rewritten.

What's new:
*Can now create packages for the Kindle 2 International that will install properly, even without having installed the previous freekindle package.

For that use the -k2iex flag.
-k2i will still generate packages requiring the freekindle package to have been installed first.

I suspect that developers would use the -k2i for testing (with the freekindle package installed), and when they are 100% confident and ready for release, us the -k2iex.

*Do not leave junk behind (like .dat, .sig files etc)... We now only use temporary files that get automatically deleted...

All other packages (usbnetwork, screen saver hack, savory) got repackaged using -k2iex : so installation is now much easier.
And are available as always:

Savory: Native PDF and mobile EPUB conversion for the Kindle 2 International

I've adapted Savory to work on the Kindle International.

Savory gives you the ability to convert PDF, OTF, HTML and other type directly on the Kindle.

It will soon be available on Savory main page as well as the google code page; but in the mean time you can get it there:

Also included are the version for Kindle 2 and Kindle DX, though I haven't checked them (I'm fairly confident it will work fine)

What's new:
-New installer / uninstaller: now you can update directly to a new version without having to first uninstall the older version with the uninstaller that came with it. The uninstaller will also properly restore any changes done by the installer, even if you have installed other programs later on.

-The EXT3 binary image has been renamed to savory-image-007.ext3 in order to match the version of the package and to prevent complaining about issues because they were using an old disk image

How to use: make sure you read the official Savory page:

To use: copy the file savory-image-007.ext3 in the system folder on your kindle.
Then copy the appropriate update_Savory-0.07 bin file for your kindle and go in Settings -> "Update Your Kindle"

To get Savory to convert your files, copy any 'epub','lit','odt','rtf','oebzip','fb2',or 'pdf' file in the document folder.
To start the native conversion ; you must unplug the USB cable from the Kindle.

Let me know if you have any issues...

Edit 2009-11-02: savory has been updated on the Google code site: