Thursday, November 26, 2009

Amazon's Kindle new Firmware 2.3

Amazon released firmware 2.3 a few days ago.

Before you can update to firmware 2.3 ; you *must* first uninstall all hacks previously installed ; in particular the screen saver hack and savory.

Other than the advertised new features such as PDF native reader ; what's more interesting (at least for me) is that the same kind of security that got added with Firmware 2.2 on the Kindle 2 International is now found on all Kindle model.

Each software installed on the Kindle, must be signed using Amazon's RSA key; which obviously we don't have.

Luckily, the same trick I did for the Kindle 2 International works fine with the 2.3 firmware...

You can find the new packager there:

I have changed the options format, so it's more in line with other unix command. Make sure to read the README.txt file included in the archive for the syntax.
In short, for firmware 2.3 ; you will want to use the --sign option (which will sign the packages using our own key) and the --ex (which will add auto-jailbreaking to the package)

For Kindle 2 US only users ; once you have updated your Kindle to firmware 2.3 ; the various hacks you enjoyed won't work anymore. You need to get new versions of those

The most popular hack is the screen saver one ; you can find an updated version that works with 2.3 (all kindle model) here:

USB network hack:


  1. Jean-Yves, which one is the appropriate Savory install to work with the 2.3 firmware?

  2. Hi,
    I tried to install savory following your step on my brand new kindle 2 international, but the update has not been succesful. Could you please tell me if the new updates have somewhat screwed up your install procedure? If so, what is the right procedure?
    p.s. It's true that now kindle handle PDF natively, but I ant to be able to download directly pdf from the web: do you confirm me that it will be possible, once installe savory?
    my mail is trekianov at