Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update for Kindle DX with Global Wireless (DX International)

Amazon just released a new Kindle DX which can now works outside the US using the GSM network.

It has a new device id and 3rd party packages written for the previous Kindle DX won't work.

It's really just a matter of repackaging them and the OS is virtually the same.

So I updated the packager to support this new device ; and repackaged the usbnetwork and screen saver hack package..

Packager (version 0.8):

USB network (version 0.11)

Screen saver (version 0.1)


  1. Hi Jean,

    Please kindly help to produce an update bin of usbnetwork for DXi firmware 2.5.

    I have upgrade my DXi to 2.5 but can not use the "Create New Collection" feature of 2.5, until I can register my DXi via whispernet (I live in Vietnam with no whispernet connection).

    I need to usbnetworking so that I can register it (either using reginfo file, or replacing the SIM + change the APN of the device).

    Your prompt support is much appreciated.

    Best regards

  2. Jean,

    I really appreciate your initiative for creating this update package for USB network tethering.

    I have an Kindle DX 2 Graphite, with firmware 2.5.8. I tried to install the update usbnetwork23-0.11 (version DX and DXi).

    But I it was unsuccessfully. Those versions of usbnetwork should work with my device?

    It is possible to have an update of usbnetwork for the DX 2?

    Thank you for your attention!
    Amorim III

  3. I also have 2.5.8 + Kindle DX (White, US edition) and am unable to enable it. I do not have Whispernet access in my country :(
    Kindly Help.